June 6, 2023

How to Lead a Team?

Many people will be assigned to lead a team but it is quite challenging to actually be a leader to them. A team is composed of persons with different personalities, opinions, and sets of skills. You cannot just impose your will over them because it will just result in your team resenting you. You can use your phone to set a meeting but it will depend on your people and technical skills to lead them. For a first-time leader, how can you lead a team and make them successful in your assigned task? 

How Can You Effectively Lead Your Team? 

Recruit people with diverse sets of skills 

If you are given an opportunity to select the people who will be part of your team, you need to pick the ones with different sets of skills. A team needs to thrive in different aspects of the business. You need someone who is great at marketing, someone who loves advertising, someone who is excellent at executing tasks, and someone who knows how to make presentations. 

You should choose people with various skills so that you can produce good results. By having someone on the team who can be a point person on a specific aspect of the business, you can easily get information and tips without needing to ask someone else. 

Manage the people right from the start

Some leaders are only assigned teams to lead. If this is so, your manager will introduce you to the team that you will be working with. From the start, you have to be hands-on in leading them. You should have, at least, known their names and their functions in the company. You must have done your assignment and got to know them beforehand. 

You should also be ready to introduce the roles that they will have in the team. From the start, it is good that they know what their part is in the task that your team will have. 

Provide direction and vision

As the leader, you are the one who needs to give direction and vision to the team. You are the leader who will set the milestones to achieve for the whole team. You should provide as many details as possible when it comes to the movement of the team in terms of individual tasks and how it affects the company as a whole.

You must also give the vision to look forward to with regard to the team. You should start with the goal in mind. You must present this in a way that they are not just doing things on the checklist but aiming for the best situation for themselves and the company. 

Keep your team motivated

You must always engage your team. Give them affirmations regularly. Treat them once in a while for lunch or coffee if you have reached a milestone for the team. People will work better if they know that their team leader trusts them. 

Call them with your 5g android phone once in a while just to ask how they are doing even if they are not at work. You should be intentional in building relationships with your team. C


You will eventually be given a chance to lead a team one way or another. You will either get this position because of a work promotion or because it was assigned to you. Either way, you need to have the right people skills and complete technical skills in order to lead the team. The first time that you call or chat with them through your 5g android phone will be difficult because you do not know them well and there is no relationship between you yet. But as you build trust in them and theirs in you, you will have a better understanding of how to be a leader to them.

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