June 8, 2023

8 tips For Real Estate Agents Working From Home

Working from home as a real estate agent has numerous benefits—but also many distractions. Sure, you can do the laundry, cook supper, and maybe even wash the car…what else is there to do? Oh, yes. Some “legitimate” job.

Here are eight strategies to help you stay focused and effective from your home office, whether it’s a complete space or simply a chair with a cup of tea or coffee and your favourite fuzzy companion in your lap.

Create A Workspace

Working from bed is quite pleasant, but it is unlikely to result in productive behaviour. Instead, get yourself a desk and a chair. When working from home, set aside a section of the kitchen table as a workplace.

Get Dressed

Working from bed is enticing, as previously noted, and it may be even cozier in your favourite PJs or exercise clothing! However, studies show that wearing pants increases productivity. Not just jeans, but also work clothing. It’s known as “enclothed cognition.”

Enclothed Cognition refers to the influence that our clothing appears to have on numerous psychological processes such as emotions, self-evaluations, attitudes, and interpersonal relationships. Clothes influence our behaviour and moods because of the symbolic value we (as a community) attribute to various forms of clothing. Check out this brief yet interesting video about the phenomena.

It is Do not disturb Time

When working from home as a real estate agent, you must establish limits with your family (even the pets). They must understand that working from home entails Do Not Disturb mode.

Playing with the kids, completing some minor tasks, and other pastimes will have to wait until you take a break or are off the clock.

Take Breaks

According to Scandinavian research, those who walked three times per week around lunch were more joyful and less stressed. So, if you work from home as a real estate agent, make a point of leaving the house on a regular basis. You can set a reminder in your calendar to go for a walk every four hours!

Separate Work from your Life

When working from home, find alternative strategies to divide work and life. Working at an office gives you the option of leaving at the end of the day. If you work from home, figure out how to separate your personal and professional life. If you don’t have a home office, consider employing a room divider or working remotely from a co-working location. The library occasionally has rooms with wonderful views!


Set a timer for 50 minutes, then start to work on new leads, planning on your next big deal, or whatever activity is at the top of your To Do list. Do not check your email or any new leads that arrive. Don’t look at your phone, text, or check social media until the timer goes off. Then, and only then, take a 10-minute break before starting the timer again for another 50 minutes.

Work With a Brokerage

Being a real estate agent, it is recommended that you work as a team or work with a brokerage. Why? The benefits of working with others are great. And talking about brokerages, Executive Homes Realty Inc. best real estate brokerage in Mississauga is a great recommendation. 

Good Luck!

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