March 23, 2023

AWS Solutions Architect Training Course

Are you looking to become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect? If so, then you must take a training course that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the exam. This course will teach you the essential concepts of cloud infrastructure, Software as a Service (SaaS), and scaling. The course content is aligned to the exam objectives for the AWS Certification Solutions Architect exam.

Exam objectives

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect (SAA) certification is for people looking to get into the field of cloud architecture and design. The exam measures candidates’ skills and knowledge of AWS technologies, architectural design principles, and application deployment. By passing this exam, candidates are able to demonstrate their capabilities in the field and provide guidance to organizations in implementing cloud-based applications.

In order to pass the exam, candidates must be able to evaluate and choose the best solutions for their organizations. The exam also tests the candidate’s skills in creating and optimizing AWS architectures, including multiple accounts and regions. They must also understand how to migrate existing on-premises solutions into the cloud.

Studying for the exam is essential for success. Make sure to choose a study guide that includes relevant exam topics and provides you with the tools you need to pass the exam. The AWS documentation is an excellent study guide as it offers flexibility to include relevant learning resources and eliminates any confusion over exam topics.

The AWS solutions architect certification is an excellent way to learn about AWS. The course provides in-depth training in AWS technology. The AWS training includes hands-on labs and a FAQ section that cover the most important topics. You will also have access to a practice test to help you prepare for the exam.

AWS solutions architects are invaluable additions to an IT team. With their knowledge of architecture, AWS solution architects review workload designs and assist in cloud-migration activities. These experts also create risk mitigation blueprints.


The AWS Solutions architect certification requires candidates to understand core concepts and design solutions using the Amazon Web Services platform. There are 65 questions on this exam and a total time limit of 130 minutes. The exam covers global infrastructure, network technologies, security features, and tools. To pass the test, candidates must score at least 720 points out of 1000.

AWS Solutions architect certification is a prestigious certification. There are many resources available to help you prepare for the exam. AWS offers comprehensive study guides and practice exams. The study guide contains 100 electronic flashcards and 2 practice exams. AWS documentation is also a good source of information.

You may also want to take the AWS Solutions architect introduction course. This course is free and will help you prepare for the exam. It covers the basics of the AWS platform and explains what you need to know in to pass the exam. The exam is easy to pass with a solid study regimen.

The course includes high-quality practice questions and explanations. It is co-authored by Stephane Maarek and Abhishek Singh. It includes three mock tests with 65 questions each. There are also detailed explanations of the questions. This course is a good place to start if you’re not confident about your knowledge of AWS cloud.

Having the AWS Solutions architect certification is a great way to prove your worth to potential employers. As more companies turn to cloud computing, AWS certification increases your chances of securing a lucrative position with a high salary.

Sample exam questions

An AWS Solutions Architect is responsible for building a web application that attracts global customers. A manager asks him for suggestions on how to improve the application’s performance. One recommendation is to use AWS Global Accelerator, which distributes incoming traffic among different regions. Other options include using DataSync to automate data transfers. There are no mentions of DynamoDB in this question, but you can figure out what each of these options does.

AWS Certified Solution Architect exams are composed of multiple choice questions. These questions will test your knowledge of various aspects of AWS, including SDKs and CLI. It is important to practice these questions before attempting the certification exam. You can do this by referring to sample exams or online resources.

When studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam, you should be aware of the prerequisites. This way, you’ll avoid spending time studying for an exam you can’t take or that won’t lead to the certification you need. The AWS Well-Architected Framework, also known as AWS, is another prerequisite for this certification.

The AWS Exam Guide, AWS Documentation, and AWS Whitepapers are the primary study materials for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. You should also have some previous experience with building systems, as this will help you answer many of the test questions correctly. AWS Certification and Training team also provide sample exam questions and other free/paid resources to help you prepare for the exam.

There is many AWS Practice Tests in the market, but most are full of technical and grammatical errors. The official AWS certification practice exams have twenty or forty questions. And they cost around 20 to 30 USD. For that price, you should consider buying 390 Unique and Timed Amazon Web Services practice exam questions.


The AWS Solutions architect certification is a highly sought-after credential that enables test takers to design and develop solutions in AWS. This certification tests candidates on their understanding of system architecture, reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. The exam is timed and proctored. It consists of 65 multiple-choice questions.

To become an AWS solutions architect, candidates should have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in cloud computing and at least two years of experience in a related field. It also helps to have several active cloud computing certifications. The process of becoming certified can take from three to six months.

As a solution architect, you will be responsible for implementing cloud-based applications and infrastructure. The job entails extensive communication with stakeholders, so it is essential for you to have excellent interpersonal skills. This will help you launch your solution on time and on budget. Additionally, as AWS services continue to evolve, you will need to keep up with new services and best practices.

Solution architects are expected to think like architects – designing solutions based on the goals and limitations of the client’s project. They must also consider the software and hardware requirements of the project. They must also decide on cost-control measures and calculate prices. Additionally, they must decide on how to use AWS to migrate existing on-premises applications.

There are three levels of AWS certification. The first level is the Associate certification. It requires more experience than the Professional certification. It requires extensive knowledge of AWS services and problem-solving skills.


The average salary of an AWS solutions architect is US$114,350 a year. This salary range can be more or less depending on your experience. AWS certification can also increase your salary. To find out what others are earning in your industry, look at websites such as LinkedIn. Companies that pay top salaries for AWS professionals include Amazon, Accenture, Slalom, and others.

To become an AWS solutions architect, you should have a bachelor’s degree and several years of administrative experience. This role requires a high level of concentration, creativity, and problem-solving skills. You should also have extensive knowledge of computer and software systems and the AWS platform. In addition, you must be familiar with DevOps.

To increase your chances of getting hired for a high-paying position in this field, you should complete a training program to become a certified AWS solutions architect. There are a number of online courses that will teach you how to become certified. You should also seek the advice of friends or coworkers, as they can help you find the best training program.

As an AWS solutions architect, you will review the work of other developers and make decisions based on your findings. Because your job involves high-level decisions, you should have some understanding of one or two programming languages. For example, you may need to be familiar with Java or Python, which will help you immensely in your work as an AWS solutions architect.

Moreover, you should be able to effectively manage your time. An AWS solutions architect needs to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously. The job involves dealing with heterogeneous business environments with different data types and integration needs. It is imperative that the solution that you recommend fits the corporate environment. This role also requires you to use your creative skills to come up with effective solutions.

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