March 23, 2023

How Do You Choose Pigments For Your Packaging?

We understand that when looking at the available pigments in the world, it can be overwhelming to select just one. You want your packaging to stand out on the shelf and attract consumers, but you also want it to fit your brand’s personality and still connect with consumers on an emotional level. If you don’t choose wisely, your packaging could end up feeling either too off-brand or too boring and drab. If you’re not sure which pigments are best suited for your packaging needs, here are some things to think about when making your selection.

Colour Theory

The colour of your package is the first thing a consumer will see. It’s important to choose colors that will not only stand out but also compliment the product inside. One of the most common mistakes when choosing colors is neglecting to consider how they will be viewed in different lights. Different types of lighting can cause colors to look different from one another, so it’s always best to test a few options before settling on one plastic pigments.

The Psychology Of Colors

Choosing the right color combination can have a huge impact on how customers perceive your brand. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing found that consumers associate red, yellow and orange with high-quality products. Meanwhile, green is often associated with sickness or nausea. And blue can be associated with sadness or depression. Researchers found that people are more likely to buy a product if they see it in an appetizing hue like pink, purple or orange. Consumers also respond better to lighter colors such as white, silver and gold. But when designing package design, it’s important not to use too many colours; otherwise, your logo might get lost in the mix.

The Impact Of Color Scheme On Product Appeal

Color is not a neutral entity. It has the power to evoke specific emotions and feelings, and it has been found to influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. For many companies, the color of their packaging is an integral part of their brand identity. But how does one go about choosing which colors to use? Two main considerations need to be made: what is it that you are trying to convey with your package design, and what colours will resonate with the target market?

Color Trends In Packaging

There are several tools and tips available to help you through the process of choosing the right colours. The following are a few helpful resources: 

– Color Wheel: A colour wheel is a circular diagram that arranges colours to show their relationships. 

– Color Palette: A colour palette is made up of three or four colours that have been selected to work well together. It can be used in painting, cooking, fashion, or art. – Analogous Colors: These are found directly next to each other on the colour wheel and blend nicely when used together. They create contrast but not too much tension in colour relationships so they’re considered pleasing combinations by most people.

Tools And Tips For Researching Colors For Your Brand

When picking colours for a brand, it is important to have the following tools and information at hand to make the best decision. 

There are a few colour models that can be used when thinking about pigment choices: RYB, CMYK, RGB and Pantone. Each of these models is made up of different colors, so before making a decision on which model is best to use when choosing colors, it is important to know what type of design work will be done using the colors. 

RYB stands for red-yellow-blue and contains three primary colours that can be mixed in various ways to create other colours. CMYK stands for cyan-magenta-yellow-key (black) and is based on subtractive colour mixing.

What Are Some Companies Doing Right?

Several companies have found success in using variations on the Pantone color matching system. The most popular example is probably Coca-Cola, which has a distinctive red and white colour scheme. However, some lesser-known companies have put a lot of time and effort into their custom colour schemes pigment manufacturers in gujarat

One such company is the Portland Brewing Company out of Oregon. Their logo features an iconic image of Mount Hood, with a bright green background surrounding it. Many people don’t realize it when they’re looking at it, but the green isn’t just any old shade; they’ve created their unique hue, which they call Portland Green, to represent the colour of life in their hometown.

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