March 23, 2023

What is a good marketing strategy for a digital agency?

Over the past several years, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, storytelling, and pinpoint location-based marketing have become increasingly important to digital marketing agencies. Learning about effective digital agency marketing from this site is a great first step.

  1. Pinpointed geographical advertising

The more narrowly a business can focus its attention, the more likely it is to reach its intended audience.

Targeting a specific area, city, or building (such as an airport or convention center) might increase the efficiency of a digital marketing campaign.

  1. Storytelling

People all across the globe have always been fascinated by a good narrative. The power of stories to move and inspire people has always been undeniable.

At the beginning of human history, people gathered around campfires to tell and retell stories and legends. The first inhabitants of Earth were captivated by stories, and we continue to be captivated by them now.

An increase in interest of up to 84% can be achieved by including interesting images in the presentation. The importance of visual storytelling in content marketing will skyrocket in 2016.

  1. Promoting Products via Email

E-marketing, or email marketing, is a kind of advertising in which a business contacts a targeted individual or organization (like another business) using electronic mail to promote a product or service.

  1. Marketing with Content

By creating and disseminating such content, businesses want to attract and retain consumers who will take action that is financially beneficial to the company.

  1. Online Video Promotion

Video marketing is a type of advertising in which a business makes a video to advertise its products. A video may be more engaging than just reading the text would be for certain people.

Some alternatives chosen by well-known brands on a global scale include:

  • Turkish Airlines, the country’s official airline:

Turkish Airlines’ latest ads encourage global nomads to “widen your horizon” by seeing more of Turkey and its many cultures.

Famous soccer players like Didier Drogba and Lionel Messi are featured on the world’s most adventurous food map in this advertisement. This commercial’s target market was urged to extend their horizons by sampling cuisines from around the globe.

They want everyone to know how seriously they take their meals at Turkish Airlines. The eatery’s mission is to provide guests with a special and memorable meal every visit.

  • Coca Cola

Cola’s advertising tagline, “Taste the emotion,” is an evolution of the company’s previous motto, “Open Happiness,” which had been in use for seven years. According to the latest commercial, “the simple satisfaction of sipping any Coca-Cola makes the occasion more special.”

The advertising will help change the conversation around the drink, which has been dominated by critics’ fears of obesity and tooth decay.

  • Red Bull:

It is commonly known that Red Bull has implemented one of the most successful marketing tactics in the business world. They set up extreme sports tournaments all around the world.

Due to its sponsorship of a major international sporting event, the company’s approach to event marketing is unparalleled.


Keep in mind your end goal regardless of the digital marketing approach you select. Learn what drives your consumers, focus on good results, and cater to their true needs.

Be aware of the impact social movements are having on various communities. Always keep in mind that the customer comes first.

Does your digital marketing firm need a tailored promotional plan? With Simple Solutionz’s Digital Marketing Agency Ashburn, you can rest assured that your consumers will have a positive online experience.

They realize that a successful marketing effort is what ultimately turns casual browsers into paying customers and that name familiarity and consumer loyalty are not accidents.

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