June 7, 2023

Thermal Phone Cases

thermal phone case can prevent your mobile device from shutting down in cold or hot weather. It also offers drop protection and floatation, so you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone while playing sports or going for a swim. The patented Chromium Thermal Barrier, developed by NASA, insulates and reflects heat to help your phone stay at a healthy operating temperature for longer. This can help you enjoy the highest performance out of your phone and reduce the risk of damaging it in a drop.


The PHOOZY Apollo XL Thermal Phone Case is made using the same technology as NASA’s space suits. This award-winning phone case protects your phone from overheating and extends battery life. It’s also water-resistant and military-grade shock-proof, making it an ideal solution for extended periods in hot and cold weather.

Unlike traditional phone cases, Phoozy Thermal Phone Case protects your device against dust, dirt, and germs. It has an integrated antimicrobial layer that prevents your device from getting soiled and making it susceptible to germs. Studies have shown that the average smartphone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat, so using a thermal case prevents dirt from getting onto your phone. You can find more details about the product on the company’s website, and purchase it on Amazon.

Unlike many other thermal phone cases, a PHOOZY Apollo XL Thermal Phone Case is weatherproof and floatable. It also helps protect your phone’s battery from the sun’s heat, extends battery life, and protects it from water. You can even use it while it’s submerged in water. It is durable and offers a 12-month warranty, so you can rest assured that it’s going to last you a long time.

The PHOOZY Apollo XL Thermal Phone Case has 5-layers of protection and features the unique Chromium Thermal Barrier, derived from NASA’s spacesuit technology. The patented Chromium Thermal Barrier helps keep your phone from overheating and extending battery life. This case also protects your phone from a drop, exceeding military standards for drop protection.

This phone case also features an innovative Impactor Core 1.5 for improved drop protection. It is certified to exceed the 810G 516.6 military standard. It will also help protect your phone from heat and water damage while still keeping its slim and ultralight design. And it won’t interfere with your phone’s WiFi or cellular signal. You won’t have to worry about losing your phone’s signal with this case because it’s guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship.

Another benefit of the Phoozy Apollo XL Thermal Phone Case is the ability to protect your phone from extreme temperatures, water, and falls. It will also protect the battery in all temperatures.


The PHOOZY XP3 Thermal Phone Case is a great way to protect your phone from extreme temperatures. The thermal design helps keep your phone cool in the sun and warm in the winter. The case also withstands drop tests and meets military standards. The case is water-resistant, too. It will keep your phone from slipping or cracking if it falls.

This rugged case for your smartphone offers five layers of protection. It uses a patented thermal barrier derived from NASA spacesuit technology, which protects your phone from harmful heat. It can also help extend battery life by as much as four times. In addition, the case has multiple attachment points, which allow you to keep your phone safe and easily accessible wherever you go.

The case can easily be attached to your backpack or other items to prevent your phone from sliding off your backpack. It has an internal stash pocket, and is designed to prevent your phone from overheating in extreme temperatures. This case will protect your phone even under extreme temperatures and extend its battery life up to four times.

The case is also water-resistant, and has a dual-point attachment system that makes it easier to secure your phone. It also has a belt clip that lets you easily attach it to your gear. Most medium-sized cell phones are compatible with the case, and it weighs just 0.02 kg. In addition to protecting your phone from the elements, the case will also protect it from damage caused by the sun.

The PHOOZY XP3 Thermal Phone Case is available in a variety of colours, including the Realtree collection and lifestyle colors. The case has a layered matrix of premium technical materials that protects your phone from extreme temperatures and drops. Its unique impactor core also helps your battery last longer.

Thermodynamic Thermal Phone Cases are becoming increasingly popular. The case will keep your phone cool in hot weather by reflecting heat away from it. They will also protect your phone from accidental bumps and falls.

PHOOZY West Slope

The PHOOZY West Slope thermal case for your smartphone is a durable water and shock-absorbing case made from a sturdy, yet lightweight, aerogel material. This case is perfect for protecting your phone against sudden drops or extreme temperature fluctuations, and the case is water-resistant up to 6 feet. It’s also omni-compatible, meaning you can use it on both your iPhone and Android phones.

Unlike other cases that are too bulky and cumbersome, the PHOOZY West Slope Case is a lightweight, thermoplastic design that provides protection from water, drops, and heat. The case is also durable and lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. It’s made by Cold Case Gear, a company that specializes in protective accessories for electronics, and features an aerogel thermal lining for added protection. The West Slope case is also 100% waterproof, airtight, weather-sealed, and floats in water.

The PHOOZY West Slope Case is made for rugged situations and is perfect for hiking and backpacking. It’s crushproof and features a webbing loop for hanging it. Its advanced thermal protection makes it an excellent choice for ultralight hikers and backpackers. It also uses a patented magnetic closure to keep out air and moisture while protecting your phone.

This thermal phone case is made from high-quality materials and has a five-layer protective system. It is water-resistant, and the Chromium Thermal Barrier technology, which NASA used to create spacesuits, prevents smartphones from overheating. It also extends battery life by up to 4X. Additionally, it is compatible with Bluetooth and wireless charging devices.

Another thermal phone case from PHOOZY offers waterproof and splash-proof protection. It is made from a durable TPU outer shell and includes a waterproof pouch for added protection. It also helps extend battery life and protects your phone from extreme temperatures. The case is available in a variety of colors, from black and white to navy blue.


The PHOOZY Apollo Thermal Capsule is a military-grade case designed to keep your mobile device safe. The case is made of a unique blend of metal and plastic that forms a protective shell. It features a shock-absorbent backplate and a patented air-flow design to disperse heat from your phone.

This case looks like a lunar landing rover and is made to protect your phone from the elements. Its unique insulated weatherproof pouch protects your phone from extreme cold and heat, and helps extend the battery life. The ultralight and slim design also makes it easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

The PHOOZY Apollo II Thermal Phone Case is climateproof and has several award-winning features. It helps protect your phone from the heat of the sun, prolongs battery life, and floats in water. Its design also keeps your phone safe even when it falls into a pool or a lake.

This waterproof case is the best choice for those who travel frequently. Unlike some other phone cases, this one is completely waterproof. The impactor core 1.5 is designed to prevent accidental drops. In addition to this, the case is ultralight and thin, and will not interfere with WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular signals. It is available in two sizes: Medium and Large. If you have a large phone, you might want to buy the Large size.

The Apollo II Series features a layered matrix of premium technical materials and is perfect for the urban commuter. It also has an enhanced 1.5 impactor core, and features a hydrophobic and UV coating to protect your phone. The design is sleek, modern, and the protection is perfect for your phone.

If you love to hike or run, you may also like to take your phone along. The cold temperature can drain your battery, and snow and ice can damage your phone’s screen. This case keeps your phone from absorbing extreme cold, and keeps your music safe. This makes it the perfect accessory to keep your phone safe during extreme cold.

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