June 8, 2023

How to Building High-Performing Content Pillars

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Content pillars guide the creation of content to improve SEO. This is done by making authoritative, long-form content focused on a key idea. A content marketer’s job is to develop ideas for creating and marketing content. You have to stick to your content strategy, and the most important thing is to post on all the marketing channels you’ve tried. Content pillars are the answer. They help you keep your content marketing strategy on track. This article tells you how to make content pillars that work well and align with your business and content marketing strategy

What is a pillar of content?

Building a content strategy that gives readers all the information they need about a specific topic is integral to building a brand. The content pillar can be broken up into many different groups in the form of newsletters, guides, eBooks, and PDFs. You can break up a long blog post into smaller pieces of content that you can share on social media as short posts, emails, and infographics.

Pillar content pages have a lot of information about a topic, which makes them a hub page around which other issues grow. You can find PDFs, long reads, and best guides on pillar pages. The User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) designer is in charge of how the page looks and where the topics are placed to look good to both the user and Google.

How to Make Content That Stands Out?

You need to consider the topics you want to rank for instead of just the keywords. Choose the pillar topics, and then, based on keywords related to your case, choose blog topics for cluster content. Choose your pillar topics to fit enough cluster topics around them. With a strong pillar page, your content strategy will work better. 

The pillar page can be a guide to information or a landing page that helps bring in new leads. Your pillar page is in the middle of the content hub, and cluster pages link to it. It can be broken up into small pieces that can be used on social media, emails, and other marketing channels to promote your business. So, make sure that the content of your pillars is:

  • Detailed enough to tell the reader something.
  • General enough so that content in a cluster can expand on it.
  • Answer people’s questions about your pillar content when they search for it. This will make more people click through to the pillar page.

Why do you need a pillar of content?

Google wants to give its searchers the most helpful information. When a website has a lot of information, it’s hard for the web crawler to figure out which posts are important and which aren’t. Google can’t put your blog posts in order if it can’t figure out what they are about.

Pillar pages can help a website be more precise. Google and other users will have a hard time if the posts don’t make sense. Pillar content makes a site’s structure by putting together and linking different resources that are all about the same subject.

8 Ways to Make Content Pillars That Work Well:

  • Know what you want to achieve:

To plan your content well, you need to know your target audience and their pain points. Find out what they want and need, and consider whether your business is the best way to meet those needs.

  • Show what you’re good at:

You need to make content that meets your customers’ needs and fits with your business. The content pillars should cover a wide range of the audience’s problems, and you can link them to your product as a solution to those problems.

  • Look at your rivals:

Find out what your competitors rank for to make a good content pillar. It would help to look at social media sites to see what your audience is talking about and sharing. Ask your customers what problems they are having and what kind of content they like to read the most.

  • Find the right keywords:

Research keywords and find out what your audience is looking for. Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner to ensure these are the right keywords. Based on this, build a topic repository, content pillars, and content clusters.

  • Get your content strategy in order:

The pillar content topics will help you develop different kinds of content that fit with the theme of the pillar. Your social media marketing is based on your content pillars because you can use the content from your posts to make content for social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • Optimize Your Pillar Page:

This is the last step in putting everything together. Make sure to link all the cluster content that supports the content on your pillar page, and add a link to your pillar page’s content in each piece of content. For example, link to the Home Page on your website’s pages.

An anchored table of contents for content pillars is a great idea. Putting it at the top of the page makes it easier for Google and the users to find their way around. Include SEO factors for the page itself, such as:

  • Put in the correct heading tags.
  • Use the main keyword often, but don’t use it too much.
  • Put your subtopic in order

It would help if you came up with subtopics that will make up the cluster pages and structure for the pillar page. All the subtopics you made have been touched on in the pillar page you created. After you finish making the cluster pages, you can connect them all to the pillar page.

  • Check the content that’s already on your website

At this point, you can audit your website and look for content that matches your pillar content. You can reuse, change, and break up the content, including the most recent updates to the content that is already there. For example, you could link to a relevant video on your content marketing channel.


Content pillars are essential to a content marketing strategy because they give readers a lot of information about a niche. Most of the time, it might be in the form of a long post that explains a genre in detail. When you find a strong content pillar, you can start building many clusters of content around it. Try to make your blog more interesting by adding podcasts, videos, newsletters, reviews, infographics, and posts to social media and to do this task you can hire a top content writing company. It is a quick and easy way to cover all the content needs and get the right content to the right customer at the right time. 

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