June 3, 2023

6 Reasons To Pick An All-In-One Virtual Event Platform

In-person and virtual events have long been an amazing option for organizations to reach target audiences, promote their services and products, improve branding, spread awareness and share important information.  

Every event includes different moving parts normally handled by a variety of separate applications such as project management, booking software, calendars, email marketing software, CRM, etc. Managing little details can be challenging for an event planner. In order to optimize time and save money, event planners and marketers need to invest in advanced technology and software that can help combine all small elements in a single platform.  

Instead of adding a lot of additional tasks to your to-do list, you should make sure you’re investing in software that makes your life easier. In this digital world, technology can help you operate even smarter, more streamlined, and more efficiently. Event planners can maximize event efforts while providing an exceptional audience experience by utilizing an all-in-one virtual event platform.

An All-in-one event management platform can manage check-ins, booking, and ticket sales, attendees engagement, analytics, event website creation, abstract management & peer review, CRM, and more. With this type of software, a wide range of industries could benefit, including healthcare, legal and accounting firms, finance and investment companies, universities, and more.  

If you are thinking to streamline your virtual event, considering an all-in-one event management platform can be an ideal solution for you. There are different benefits of using a virtual event platform and some of them are given below:

Advantages Of Choosing All-In-One Event Management Platform

#1 Offer Analytics And Insight 

Event analytics is one of the best features of event management software. You may find out information about your attendance, the number of sessions you attended, the most popular sessions, and more with the help of event analytics. When employing streaming software, gathering all of this data might occasionally be a full-time task. Therefore, adopting event planning software puts this information in front and center. All-in-one event platforms offer simple post-event analytics, ideal for the next marketing efforts and targeted lead tracking.

#2 Improve Brand Awareness

Brand awareness, customer trust, and loyalty are the key components for the organization and businesses that help to generate good revenue. If you want to achieve your goals and success, you need to use some strategies and tactics in order to boost your brand awareness.   

Whether you are promoting a new product or organizing a corporate event, creating an outstanding event will improve your brand image and generate buzz around your company name.  

An all-in-one event management software develops a connection with your attendees during each engagement they will have with your business. They will be impressed by your effectiveness and attention to detail as a result of the clear-cut and well-organized process it will produce. In order to prevent clients from missing out on crucial information and updates, the virtual conference platform also makes sure that client interactions take place automatically.

#3 Improved Networking Feature 

Networking is one of the main obstacles to online events. One of the main factors contributing to the success of conferences, business meetings, and events is networking. Therefore, marketers must find clever ways to offer networking opportunities online so that participants are still motivated to take part. One-on-one or “speed dating” type networking, short break-out sessions, live chat, private messages, and other features found on all-in-one virtual event platforms can aid with this.

#4 Marketing Tool Integrations

An All-in-one virtual event platform allows the integration of different marketing tools in a single place that helps marketers and event organizers to reduce their workload. Many virtual event platforms include email marketing tools and payment getaways such as Square, PayPal, Strips, and PayTm. With the ability to publish to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter directly from a single platform, you can quickly update your social media followers. Whether you are hosting a hybrid event or a virtual event, you can use an all-in-one platform for registration and integrate your marketing software.  

#5 Data Management 

An All-in-one virtual event platform is one of the best solutions to manage and keep all the data of your event in a single place. Everything can be housed with an event management platform from understanding your attendee demographics, and managing presenters to understanding the revenue. Virtual event platforms allow you to access insight into your participants and then collect data on potential leads, attendees’ interests, popular sessions, and more. Managing all data in a single place allows event organizers to host the event without stress. 

You don’t need to use any further programs or connect to any additional services in order to start the virtual meeting because the all-in-one platform has everything you require. This makes it much simpler to manage your audience and the data the event offers. Additionally, you can put more effort into improving audience engagement and less effort into meeting platform standards.

#6 Different Ways To Promote Sponsors 

If you depend on sponsors to make your event happen, you’ll need to find an efficient and effective option to promote your sponsor. You might only have access to the primary feed when using streaming services or a webinar platform. However, you may advertise sponsors in more places on an all-in-one event platform. The trade show booths, each session, the social areas, awards, and participant badges can all feature the logos of the sponsors. An All-in-one event platform offers several levels of access and promotion for your sponsorships.

In conclusion, an all-in-one event platform makes it much simpler to manage an event because it keeps everything organized in one location. Event marketers can additionally benefit from simplified access to analytics, insights, and leads.

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