June 6, 2023

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Inc.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Inc. is an American company that has been making ice cream since 1899. It is based in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania. Its name is derived from its founder’s name. There are three different brands – classic, original, and deluxe. The ice cream itself is very creamy and is made with only natural ingredients. The company also makes other types of ice cream as well.


In recent years, Bruster’s Ice Cream & Yogurt has been dishing out treats with increasing speed. The company has also hired Jim Sahene, a former TCBY Systems Inc. executive, as its new chief executive officer. Sahene has more than 30 years of experience in the ice cream business. He first started with TCBY in 1986, becoming a store manager and eventually leading the organization. Bruster’s founder Bruce Reed recruited Sahene to bring franchise leadership to the brand’s growing system.

When Reed heard about the TCBY franchise opportunity, he contacted Sahene about the position. At the time, Sahene was running two TCBY franchises in Little Rock, Arkansas. Reed knew very little about Bruster’s at the time, so he visited the company’s headquarters in Pennsylvania to meet Sahene. The two worked together to improve the organization’s strategy and organizational systems. During this time, Bruster’s growth accelerated and the company opened hundreds of stores.

In addition to serving ice cream, Bruster’s also offers frozen yogurt, shakes, smoothies, Blasts, sundaes, and banana splits. They have even introduced low-carb and fat-free ice cream to their menu. The company also offers free cones for kids under 40 inches tall and half-priced banana splits. The store’s stores have large parking lots to facilitate customer traffic and avoid the need to hire additional staff.

After gaining success with his new venture, Reed was able to devote more time to the 700-acre farm. The new opportunity allowed him to apply the lessons learned at TCBY to his new role. And he was also able to pursue other business ideas. This time, he was more content with the opportunity to make a living. In the end, Bruster’s real ice cream TCBY became a successful franchise.

TCBY is a frozen yogurt shop located at 1365 N Dupont Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901, US. The average star rating for the business is 5.0. The location offers Dine-in services. If you’re looking for an ice cream shop, you can’t go wrong with TCBY. It has a great menu and a friendly atmosphere.

The real ice cream guy behind Bruster’s ice cream company is Bruce Reed, a man who grew up in the food service industry. The company now has more than 230 stores throughout the eastern United States and is still mostly owned locally. This is a good sign for the local economy, because ice cream is often a local business. It’s also a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

TCBY’s founder

In 1993, Bruster’s real ice cream’ s founder Damon Wood decided to venture across the country to a Boston-area ice cream shop. He and his wife, Michelle, had seen Bruster’s creation in a local store and decided to make their dream a reality. Today, Bruster’s has nearly 200 locations and 140 franchise owners. And it’s set to stay ahead of the competition.

Founded in 1989, Bruster’s is an American chain of counter-serve ice cream stores. The business is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania, as well as in Guyana. The company boasts over 200 independently-owned locations in 22 states, Guyana, and South Korea. Its founder prides himself on the quality of its ice cream, handcrafted cones, and stellar customer service. The company even offers pies and non-dairy versions of its ice cream.

In 2015, the company filed a permit to renovate a store in Glyndon Plaza in Tysons Corner. The permit was processed on May 13. The location will feature a walk-up window, but no indoor seating. The new location will resemble Bruster’s original store in Fairfax City. The Vienna store will open in May 2021. If everything goes as planned, the new store will have a 7,000 square-foot kitchen.

The business benefits of opening a Bruster’s Real Ice Cream franchise are many. In addition to financial success, the franchise will provide you with a mentor for local young employees. You will also get assistance with real estate transactions. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream franchisees receive valuable insights into traffic patterns, advice on brand awareness, and support for storefront location negotiations. The company offers support for your projects throughout the development stage.

By the time the company was sold, Sahene had reached the age of 41, and he was a former president of TCBY Systems Inc. and chief operating officer. Born in Pittsburgh, Sahene had worked for Sheetz convenience store chain. Eventually, he rose through the ranks of TCBY and reached 200 units. In 2000, he sold the company to Mrs. Fields Original Cookies Inc. for $2 million.

While Bruster’s is known for its ice cream, it also sells shakes, smoothies, and frozen yogurt. You can try its banana split or customize your own sundae. In addition to ice cream, Bruster’s offers a large selection of flavors, many of which can’t be found anywhere else. Their extensive menu includes classics like vanilla, chocolate chip, and mint, as well as more unusual ones, such as Alpine Fudge Crunch, Banana Nut Bread, and Black Walnut. You can also try different types of frozen yogurt, ice cream, and sherbet.

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