June 8, 2023

GeekZilla Tech Reviews Nintendo Switch OLED

Geekzilla Tech reviews the latest version of the portable Nintendo Switch OLED console. The Christmas holidays are becoming more and more near which means that the game business has always been one of the sectors that benefits the most by this.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular games consoles to giveaway and since the family has expanded, it’s more difficult to choose between the original model, Geekzilla Tech Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED.

Like the name implies the biggest improvement to this version of the Nintendo Switch OLED, with comparison to its predecessor will be the OLED screen. It is an OLED screen in contrast to the original model which was LED. The result is that the pictures are more bright, with a more vibrant contrast as well as better viewing angles. Don’t think of the technology on the screen with its resolution, as it’s still 720 pixels. This is HD. If you plan be connecting to connect your Nintendo Switch to television, the quality of its images can be described as Full HD.

The display is also 13 percent bigger over the previous. It is also 13 percent larger than the original. Nintendo Switch has a screen with a diagonal that is 6.2 inches, Geekzilla Tech while the model in question is 7 inches. Don’t underestimate the difference as, even though it may seem like an insignificant difference, it makes a difference two-player games.

Geekzilla reviews of technology continues…let’s discuss performance!


The main benefit that comes with this console Nintendo Switch, Geekzilla Tech compared to other consoles, is that it has the capability of playing your preferred video games from anywhere (thanks the portability) and also the fact that you are able to link it up to your TV or play with multiple players. This is not changing in its fundamentals. However, what has evolved is the game experience that is provided by Nintendo Switch OLED.

We’ve mentioned before that the most significant update was announced by the screen. The Nintendo Switch OLED comes with twice as much storage capacity, going between 32GB and 64GB. This is fantastic, since even though you are able to expand the storage by using a microSD card but you’ll have to take a while longer to purchase the device. It is equipped with the identical NVIDIA customized Tegra processor that was used in the earlier version. It is possible that they will enhance their performance in this area, but in reality, the loading speeds are excellent.

In terms of the screen The new version of Nintendo Switch automatically adjusts the brightness, a practical feature to use when we switch settings. Additionally, it has an LAN input, so it is possible to attach your router directly to your device via and Ethernet cable. So, your Internet connection is more stable, and also with greater speed.

In terms of audio, the Nintendo Switch OLED has improved stereo speakers that provide more clear and loud sound, based on the dimensions that the game console. Geekzilla Tech In all cases it is recommended to go with wireless headphones as if you play at excessively then the fullness of the sound will disappear. It is important to note that the headphones do not have the 3.5mm port, which means your only options are audio coming from headphones or speakers.


The power of the new model of Nintendo Switch is the same as that of the original version. The console can run between 4 and a half hours to nine hours. The controls can take 20 hours, and 3 and three and a half hours to fully recharge. The battery itself is quite decent


The differences in style between two different versions of Nintendo Switch are very few. In terms of appearance, the console is extremely attractive, contemporary and stylish. Additionally, the production of the Nintendo Switch OLED is quite top-quality . One “but” could be the manufacturing of the plastic support foot. It is, however, much more durable than before.

When it comes to weight it is not noticeable the new model weighs 20 grams morethan the previous model, that’s 422 grams. It features the power button and volume control on the left-hand side of the device as well as a USB Type-C input.

In addition, the controls are physically similar and have an special function . The problem of drift on the Joy-Con has been a constant topic to discuss, however they have made improvements to the pads on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch OLED model. Furthermore to this, the Joy-Con grip is designed to give you better grip for hands.

Nintendo Switch Price in Nigeria

Between 130k to 190k, you will be able to play the Nintendo Switch OLED game online on Jumia

Geekzilla Tech reviews Are they a good idea to purchase the Nintendo?

If it’s the first time you’ll buy an Nintendo Switch console, it is undoubtedly the most effective model you could buy. However it is a good idea to be using this handheld device, it’s not worth the price. If you don’t have a financial issue and you are concerned greatly about the enhancement of the display since you utilize OLED screens on the Nintendo Switch OLED a lot to play with your buddies

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